Recliner Sofa Cover

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1. This Recliner Cover is made of high quality Suede material. This slipcover is durable against pet claws, plushy, smooth and super soft to the touch.
2. Enhance your home for a sophisticated look. Bold colored velvet is applied on this slipcover for leather couch.
3. With a pocket on the right side, where you can easily reach magazines, newspapers, remote controls or other things.
4. This slipcover is conveniently strapless and antislip with an elasticized bottom, which means that there are no straps needed to secure it in place and it stays exactly where you want it to without shifting or moving.
5. Perfect to protect your sofa from stains, baby"s poo, Dogs" and Cats" Hair or any other damages.
Size: refer to the size on the picture

Package include: Only Recliner Slipcovers*1Set