Modern Living Wallpaper Roll

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Material:   Non-Woven Wallpaper

Product Size: 0.53m(W)*10m(L)=5.3 Square meter/set/roll

Imperial size: 32.8ft *1.738ft =  57.05 Square feet

Color:   White(ZB949 A) .  Light Yellow(ZB949 B) .  Light Pink(ZB949 C)

              Silver Gray(ZB949 D) .  Brown(ZB949 E)

Style:    Modern simple style

Weight:  1.5kg/Set/Roll


  • There isn't any glue or paste powder on the back of Wallpaper, It isn't self-adhesive wallpaper.  Please prepare the glue or paste powder ahead of posting the wallpaper.

  • The clients from Brazil would like to ship by express, Please provide me your CPF or CNPJ No. below the order!

  • When you make the order, please remark your favourite product color below the order,otherwise we will ship the color at randomly.

  • When you purchase more than 5 rolls,In many of countries,We could offer you free shipping by DHL or Fedex. 


WP949 01WP949 02

White      (ZB949 A)

WP949 03WP949 04WP949 05WP949 06WP949 07WP949 08

Light Yellow      (ZB949 B)

WP949 09WP949 10WP949 11WP949 12WP949 13

Light Pink      (ZB949 C)

WP949 21WP949 22WP949 23WP949 24

Silver Gray      (ZB949 D)

WP949 14WP949 15WP949 16WP949 17

Brown      (ZB949 E)

WP949 18WP949 19WP949 20


1.Be sure that you have the correct adhesive paste for the job. Some papers, such as vinyl backed or lightweight, require a specific paste.

2. Mix wallpaper paste that comes as a powder in a separate bucket before pouring it into the bucket or roller tray you will use for the job. Stir well with a stirring stick to remove all the lumps, but not so well that you put a lot of air into the mix.

3.Pour liquid adhesive directly into a bucket or roller tray.

4.Lay a strip of wallpaper - already cut to size, pattern side down - on a long, flat, dry table (the table won't stay dry for long). Let one end of the paper flop over the edge of the table.

5.Use a paste brush or a paint roller to apply the paste to the half of the paper that remains flat on the table, being sure to cover every inch.

6.Fold the section you just pasted over onto itself, and slide the dry section of the paper onto the table. Apply the paste.

7.Fold the next section onto itself, then fold the two halves against each other, being very careful not to crease the paper. This process is called 'booking.' Booking keeps the paper moist, the paste from dribbling onto the floor and the pasted surface clean.

8.Set the paper aside in a clean spot for no more than 5 minutes before hanging it.

9.Be a clean freak: As soon as each strip of wallpaper is booked and set aside, use a clean, wet sponge to clean the table - but don't bother to dry the surface. Do this even if you're going to paste several pieces before you hang them; you'll want to get the adhesive off the table before it has dried.